Jochen Holz

LDF 2016: No Ordinary Love - Martino Gamper with friends at SEEDS London

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Bombarding of Neon light @Magpie Neon in Gillingham

The light consists of 2.5m of coiled glass tubing. Two electrodes are fused to either end, which are later on connected up to the equipment in the neon workshop. The light is being processed by pulling a high vacuum inside the tube and "bombarding" it with a very high electrical current. If all goes well in the process the light is then ready to be filled with either neon gas for a red color, or argon for a blue light. It's magic...

1450890507-neon-during-bombarding.jpg 1450891137-neon-being-prepared-for-vacuuming.jpg 1450892464-argon-neon-in-bookcase.jpg