Jochen Holz

LDF 2016: Ready Made Go 2 by Modern Design review and Ace Hotel

Amorph Glasses by Jochen Holz

For Ready Made Go 2 he has developed a series of drinking glasses. Holz takes off-the-shelf tubes of borosilicate glass which he roughly cuts to size, heats and presses onto a textured object (Holz has experimented with everything from cheese graters to industrial files but settled on metal bars to create the texture for this series). The effect is of an ever-shifting pattern and texture on the surface of the glasses. The imperfections of the process are celebrated in the final vessel, making each unique. The glasses will be used by Ace Hotel London for a new in-room cocktail service and are available to buy at Ace Shop.

Get to know more about the project on Ace Hotel London Shoreditch facebook page

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